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This countdown to cowbell animation might be mind-blowing to look at, but it’s not technically a real countdown because we have already become a public company (Nasdaq: OTLY). Hooray! Confetti! Limitless hand clapping! Now what does being a public company actually mean again? That we are owned by the public, of course! As of today you can support the Post Milk Generation by buying a carton of non-dairy frozen dessert or by buying a couple of shares of OTLY. Or both. The real significance of public ownership day however is that we will be able to build the factories we need so you don’t have to write to us every week asking why there isn’t enough Oatly to go around. And that we can continue to create amazing new plant-based products that help us turn the corner on climate change and keep this planet available for those of us yet to be born. Lastly, dropping the A in our name is a Wall Street thing. We will continue to go by our oat drink artist name OH-AY-TEE-HYPHEN-EL-WHY-EXCLAMATION-MARK. Hooray! Confetti! Limitless hand clapping!